Empathic Science Institute

For the Study of Values and Democracy

Presented by Dr. William J. Kelleher, Ph. D., Lecturer, Author, Political Scientist


" A realistic plan, well executed, can result in deep satisfaction."
-- Henry T. Gardner

Mission Statement
Progressive logic is the intellectual guide humanity craves to show it the way to Justice, Peace, and Tranquility.


The primary purpose of the Empathic Science Institute is to facilitate humanity's "pursuit of happiness." Happiness is the aim of the natural order of values. Thomas Jefferson understood the "pursuit of happiness" to be a principle aim of social living.

Happiness has not been universally achieved for several reasons. Among these are that humans generally are ignorant and confused about what happiness is, that its want is natural, and that obstacles to it and distractions from its pursuit are numerous and insidious. The Empathic Science Institute intends to promote the exploration and discovery of these obstacles and distractions, and to educate the public about its findings. Progressive logic is the Institute's intellectual guidance system.

The human heart's desire can be fully satisfied by the rigorous application of progressive logic's basic premise that all persons always deserve positive regard. Analyzing social systems and institutions for value contradictions is the work of the Institute. Once such contradictions have been found and carefully described, strategies for their deconstruction can be formed, and plans for the implementation of value enhancements can be democratically agreed upon and implemented.


About Empathic Science. A brief introduction the foundations of this political paradigm.

Electronic Presidential Elections: Here is the truly progressive way of re-forming the Ruling Class's system of elections!

Essays and Book Reviews on all matters related to our mission. Now featuring: "anti-Pinker."

Progressive Logic: Framing A Unified Field Theory of Values For Progressives. An exciting new book by Dr. Kelleher!

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